As some of you probably know, I wrote a book a number of years ago on the history of motorcycle drag racing. Thousands of copies have been sold in dozens of countries—many of which I’d have trouble finding on a map.
Because of the reception the book received, it was suggested that I follow up with a documentary on the same subject. After 5 years, and with help from my extraordinary director and editor Agusta Einsarsdottir— the film is completed.

Although I’m a bit biased, I think it is really, really good.
And so do those who have seen it.

“This is a truly great film. I’ve only had it a couple of weeks and watched it three times already.”

Larry McBride

“Motorcycle drag racing is lucky to have John. I don’t think anyone else would have taken the time to ever do it? ”

Terry Vance

“You’ve taken something very complex and told a beautiful story. Well done.”

Sonny Routt

“A truly amazing history of the sport we love so much. Great work.”

Jack Korpela

“Brought back many great memories. Extremely well done.”

Cook Neilson